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About Astra Estates

Located alongside the beautiful Ottawa river, Astra Estates is a place for people to gather and create unforgettable memories.  


Our Story

About Us Astra Estates

John Edelman and Jodi Armstrong are excited to be embarking on this journey together in such a beautiful community. The Pontiac area is a gem and all who spend time here are fully aware of how fortunate they are. 

Jodi was born and raised in Shawville, Quebec and has spent the past 30 years living in Ottawa. She has 2 amazing daughters that inspire her everyday to take chances and appreciate life’s blessings. Jodi is a Marketing Executive and has spent her career working in the High-Tech industry. She spent the first part of her career managing special events for companies across North America, and Europe 
John was born and raised in the Brantford, Ontario area and spent 32 years serving in the Royal Canadian Airforce as an Aerospace Engineer. John has lived throughout Canada, Washington, D.C. and Germany and served in Afghanistan and Aviano (Kosovo). After retiring from the Airforce, John began a new career in Business Development in the Aerospace industry. 

No strangers to fast paced, multi tasked environments; John and Jodi have managed careers, while raising families, enjoying passions such as travel, community service, spending time with family and friends, and are now partnering in Astra Estates. 

John and Jodi understand the passion for the history of the property and are committed to working with the community to make this place a continued part of the amazing history.

The creation of Astra Estates


The name came about in a few different ways. Some of you may know that Astra is Latin for stars. One of the first things we noticed when we came to the area was the difference between the sky in the city and the sky in the country. We could actually see stars, and they were breathtaking!

In addition, it was important to us to pay respect to John’s military career and to those that have served our country both at home and abroad.  The original Royal Canadian Air Force motto is Per Ardua ad Astra; (translation)- Through Adversity to the Stars.

For many, this will always be the Norway Bay Golf Course…and we will ensure that the history of this amazing place is preserved…but maybe, just maybe people will also see this as a new beginning.

Purchasing the land

The opportunity to purchase the  property for Astra Estates came at a perfect time.  With the everyday struggles of Covid, it gave them the chance to sit back and reflect on might even say the stars aligned.  Both the owners had a dream of running their own business and saw no better time than the present to incorporate their passions into something they could call their own.  



Enough about us, we want to hear from you!

3 Ch Second Line
Bristol QC
J0X 1G0
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